Spread your wings and fly

Papilio is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand specializing in high-end clutch. Our clutches are sold across North America, Europe and Asia. 

The name "Papilio" is inspired from the nature. It is a species of butterfly regarded for its exquisite and vibrant wing patterns, and reminds us of Mother Nature’s place as the world’s original artist.

Our goal is to make world-class clutch bags available to the everyday fashion enthusiast at an affordable price. 

Papilio also collaborate with local renowned artists, fashion and jewelers’ brands who share our passion for innovation and nature.

You won’t find another piece quite like a Papilio Clutch!

For more product details, please visit www.papilioeshop.com

Papilio rutulus

classic box clutch coated with Swarovski Crytsal 

Papilio memnon

 Swarovski crystals with designed pattern + satin frame 

Papilio ulysses

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication